Well, seems to be some controversy amongst many fans calling the 610 WIP sports talk show in Philadelphia, many of the opinion the Phillies should have given Ryan Howard more. There were also defenders of the Phillies, but moreso negative vibes toward the team.(again!) So did the Phillies do the right thing? Every year they seem to do at least one thing that gets the fans all up in arms. Last year it was the botched Brett Myers incident. Other years it is the feeble trade deadline attempts to better the club with a Mike Williams, or Valerio del los Santos. Or they pick up Paul Abbott and let him direct a cakewalk from home to home for about a dozen or so starts, or call up Marlon Byrd for the stretch drive. Ownership is chastised for not being willing to go the extra mile on the payroll to try to get this team over the hump. The Phillies dont seem willing to budge over the 90-95 million mark. The question here again is: Should the Phillies have ponied up for Ryan Howard a bit more than they did? From the Phillies point of view, they gave the biggest award to a guy with Ryan Howards service time (900,000 K for a bit less than 2 years of service) Albert Pujols got 900,000 K but had a year more than Howard. Since Pujols signed that about 4 years ago, the average salary has risen, thus one could argue Howard didnt really get as much as Pujols. Point is the Phillies, under the rules, didnt have to give Howard more than 380.000K. They would tell you all this as arguments in their favor, and all are true. I cant kill the Phils for these reasons, but there to me is some disturbing things about this I dont like. 1) Why not at least give him 1 million even. I dont think the Phillies would miss that other 100 grand. There is something that would make a point to Ryan Howard that they(the Phillies) could say, you are a million dollar player to us. The thing that bugs me is there were reports, all true, that the Phillies had more on the table for Howard, but pulled some off when they and the Howard camp couldnt agree on a deal. In other words Howard and co. wanted more than what they had offered, so the Phils then pulled more $$ off the table. The way I see it is this. Yes, this is the Phillies last year of leverage on Howard, but he is the face of your organization, is bringing life back to baseball in a city where its been dead for years. In fact he may the face of MLB!! In this world of steriod allegations and controversy, when many sluggers are accused of doing steriods and hardly what you would want your sons to grow up to be, Howard remains a clean, role modelish image for the young fans to follow. He is polite, handles the media well, and in fact youngsters do look up to him. He is the only player to win the rookie of the year award in year one(a half a season mind you) and the MVP the next. I dont think the Phillies should have caved in to their demands and gone crazy, but I do feel with his accomplishments they could have made him a millionaire at least. My opinion is they should have given him a 1.4 million contract, representing a hair over a one million dollar raise from last years salary. Thats only 500,000 more than you gave him now, and in a few years when he could become a free agent I believe he is the type of guy who would remember that, which would work in the Phillies favor. One more thing, if the Phils had done that and not pulled money off the table, it would have shown the fan base how serious they are, that maybe there is a changing of the guard, and help rid themselves of the fans perception that the Phils have created over the years. This is a time where the Phillies can become kings of the city again and take the fans hearts back. What a message they could have sent, what an opportunity they have, and they would have easily made that money up. Again, they failed in the PR dept. amongst the fans, not as much in the amount they gave Howard, but in how they went about it. Then again its just par for the course with this ownership group.


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