Hey Ed and Monty, remember about two years ago when you went through that charade and bogus parade called a managerial search. Well, you stated Charlie Manuel was a better fit for the team than Jim Leyland. Just wanted to say congrats to you both(Ed, wherever you are now–in Houston or in Jersey) I thought you were nuts at the time for passing on Leyland, but you guys were the ‘baseball people’ and ‘braintrust'(your terms not mine) I should have not doubted you guys, you were proven right. Manuel is a better fit here. Leyland is actually used to being in the playoffs!!!!!!


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    I have a family of seven. I will buy season tickets if I see the following guys traded. Rowland really doesnot want to be here. Trade him now . His stock is rising. Also Mr. Burrell stock is rising because a change in places will do wonders for him and Ron howard. If we cannot find lieber a new home why not myers. He is a big baby. Remember last year when everyone was calling for his dismissal. He needs a new club as well and his stock is rising. Meanwhile Coste could play in the american league. Why not Seattle, Boston or Toronto. Pat seems to have some luck there. also let’s acquire Trot nixon who would look nice in a phillies uniform.
    Get Eskin on the radio calling the games. He is huge for the Phillies as someone who people listen to and the numbers would go up. We need to groom someone for Harry. Cause he is a baby to because you only as good as your last broadcast. Also we need to have Palmer as a face in front of the camera as he should be part of the Phillies future. Could we get Rameries for Lieber, burrell and helms . Bold move. Let ‘s start it since soon the missing pieces will finally be here and they will be the second team in Philly to wear a champion’s crown. I am a fan of Brazier and Amaro and these are the faces of the phillies future. Manual is too old , we should have grabbed the former marlins skipper because he knows what he is doing and will provide a new beginning for the phillies faithful. Finally, I am not a fan of Victorino. Why not go back to the cubbies and get Prior.

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