After the Phillies traded Bobby Abreu and Cory Lidle to the Yankees I stated Lidle would have a bigger impact than Abreu. I thought because Lidle was historically a real solid August and September pitcher, coupled with the fact the Yanks so desperately needed bottm of the rotation pitching, that would translate into Lidle playing a bigger part in helping the Yanks in this trade. Not so. As for Abreu, getting big hits consistently, showing emotion and fire, hustle on a more consistent basis…whats gotten into him? I have a theory. In Philly, he was the man for years, and he didnt want to be the man. He wants to be part of the team, to just fit in, not be the focal point. He isnt a leader, he is a great complimentary player. In NY, he only has to fit in, be that complimentary player. The focus is so far off him he can relax and just play–no pressure on him. In Philly, it was not that way, and I think you are seeing a burden free, relaxed, and comfortable Bobby Abreu. I said at the time he was a perfect fit for that team. If only in Philly he could have been allowed to be that kind of player, the fans would have(myself included) taken more to him, meaning if he showed the same heart in Philly he has in NY. Then again, pressure, being the focus, has a funny way of doing things to people. Enjoy him NY, and I’m sure at years end while he has a world series ring, you and he can smile. And in Philly, we will say what we always say—same ol same ol!   



  1. Jai

    Abreu didn’t do or show anything last night that he didn’t show in all his years in. The only difference is that now he’s just doing it in navy pinstripes instead of red ones. Enjoy Matt Smith. I hope he was worth it for you.

  2. amber__11@hotmail.com

    I think the Bobby trade was worth it for all parties include. My Yanks filled a needed spot in the outfield, and the Phils dumped a large contract and now they can work on the bullpen or a power hitter.

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